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sealWe’ve all been in your position. It’s hard to plan for life’s countless emergencies, expenses, and losses.

With the economy still recovering, everyone’s having trouble making ends meet with their day jobs. What happens when life throws a curveball your way? Do you have money saved for your children’s college tuitions? What about retirement?

Without any experience or training, finding success with day trading is impossible. You haven’t had any luck with your investments, it always seems like you’re just minutes behind the latest big pick. You can’t afford to keep losing money.

Saving for the future shouldn’t be this stressful. You shouldn’t be keeping yourself up at night worrying about the pile of bills. It’s time for you to get some welldeserved rest and reassurance.

Let Us Show You How to Save for the Future!


Stretching, Scrambling, Scraping, and Struggling

Years ago I found myself in the same position you’re in now. I was distraught and frantic over making mortgage payments on time; all while putting in over sixty hours a week at the office for less than I deserved. I kept trying to squeeze dollars out of dimes but it wasn’t working. I couldn’t sleep, a constant panic would keep me up as I thought about my family’s future. How will I be able to help support them through college? What am I going to do for retirement? I used to wrack my brain for hours looking for the solution, only to find limited luck and options at banks. It was pointless to deposit money into a CD or Money Market account, the interest just wasn’t enough.

Days, weeks, and months of struggling began to stack up, until I ran into an old friend. He looked great, definitely a lot better than myself. His face was clear of any wrinkles or bags caused by stress and insomnia.

As he treated me to a cup of coffee, he let me in on a secret. He told me he had been trading penny stocks and how lucrative it could really be. All he invested was $100 and made it into $15,000 in just a few months. I couldn’t believe it!

Well, that was years ago. Since that chance meeting, I’ve used the little daytrading knowledge I had and applied it towards trading penny stocks. I quickly realized just how much money was there to be made in this fastpaced industry. I simply started with about $200 and in less than six months already had $45,000 put aside in a savings account! After paying off my mortgage, squaring up with my bills, I started to actually enjoy life and took my family on a wellneeded vacation.

After trading penny stocks for the last few years, that same friend and I have developed a surefire way to make sure we always stay ahead of other investors. Our system works so well that now we want to help you gain the leverage you need to find success in stock market trading. Don’t you want us to let you IN on our secret? It’s simple, quick, and doesn’t require a large investment to get started.

Let Us Show You How to Save for the Future!

Earn Thousands in Minutes

phoneWe’re The Insiders, and we have the edge you need. Even without any daytrading or stock investment experience, we can guarantee that you will find success with our system. It doesn’t even require much effort from you at all. The Insiders take care of all the hard work while you reap the benefits.

Imagine you just got home from work, finally relaxing and taking a seat after getting settled. You turn on the television, and your phone buzzes. You’ve just received a text message that can change your life.

sealThe text message is sent from “The Insiders” and it reads, “ANSU is about to explode. Buy at this low rate now before it does!” At that point, you open up your trading app on your phone or go to the nearest computer to login into your online trading account. The next events are simultaneous. As you buy however many shares, you begin to see ANSU’s price start to rise. It keeps going, and going. Within hours your shares have soared to prices 100 times your initial investment.

In a small window of time you’ve made lifechanging decisions. You’ve just solved your mortgage or bill problem, found the solution to retirement and even started saving for your children’s tuitions. Maybe you even have enough left over for that family vacation you all have been dreaming of. As you celebrate your new fortune, remember how you got here. By simply submitting your email address and following our instructions with the rest of The Insiders community, you’ve taken control of your future and found the ultimate solution.

While it sounds too good to be true, the proof is in the results. Everything is based on real formulas and predictable outcomes. We take care of all the hard work as you reap the benefits. We can’t make it any easier for you to succeed!

Our system works; just look at all of these people that have changed their lives by trading a couple of different penny stocks we notified them about through our new system. These ridiculous returns you can make are gamechangers. Within a few short trades you can easily go from struggling to pay the mortgage to living the good life as you and your family travel around the world. It’s TIME you gave yourself and your family some security. Try our system out today, and get the inside scoop on the latest developments in the stock market. We know you won’t be disappointed.

Why Trade Penny Stocks?

penniesTrading penny stocks is a great way to get a larger return on investment and doesn’t require a large sum of money to get started. Penny stocks are just like regular stocks, the only difference is share prices are usually less than $5 each. Because of their low prices, it’s ridiculously easy to gain large returns off of a small capital investment. What’s even better is, we take the time to find the companies and do the research, and you simply choose whether or not to follow the instructions we send you through standard text messages. It’s never been easier, you have a chance to start profiting off of our experience in the market.

Congratulations! The hard part is over.


Here’s what we already know

You’re sick and tired of not knowing about the next explosive stock before everyone else in the market.


You’re ready for the insider advantage to profits that you probably never thought were possible before, let alone by trading penny stocks! We’re not mindreaders or psychics, we just know what it feels like to live paycheck to paycheck unsure of what the future holds. It’s a scary and daunting feeling, but we have your solution.

You’ve Got Nothing to Lose, and Everything to Gain With our 100% Money Back Guarantee

handTo get started, all we need is your email address. With that you will be one step closer to getting the edge you need against the rest of the market. After the signup process we will begin to send you real-time texts telling you about what stocks you should purchase or sell! Get valuable, statuschanging information right on your phone!

We’re so confident in our system that RIGHT NOW we’ll even give you a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

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How Our System Works

Here’s an idea of how Insider Stock Provider works. While you are at your day job working diligently, we are busy researching and identifying various companies that are on the verge of huge and profitable breakouts. When we have determined the best time to take action, we instantaneously alert all of our members with a simple text instructing them on how to proceed. It’s that simple!

The Insiders have decades of combined professional experience in the stock market industry and have identified pertinent details that can identify the potential for high gains. Since we began letting people IN on the action they have all made jawdropping gains!

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182,900% In Gains In Just 5 Days

On August 2, 2013 Insider Stock Provider members received a premarket text message notifying them about a little known company named Amanasu (Stock Symbol: ANSU).

Yes It’s Possible

Our team of expert analysts had determined that ANSU had the potential for huge gains despite the fact that only a few people in the market currently had them on their radar. When we sent out our alert to our members, ANSU was trading at just under $.001 per share.

Five Days Later ANSU hit a high of $1.83!

Fortunes were made!

sealLet’s walk you through the morning that changed Jack Thomas’ life. At 9:25am EST on August 2, 2013 just before the market opened Mr. Thomas received a text from Inside Stock Provider to make an investment in a little known company Amanasu Techno Holdings Corporation (ANSU). Curious, Mr. Thomas decided to invest $200.00 at $0.02 per share in ANSU when the market opened. Right away, Mr. Thomas could have cashed out as prices shot up to $0.31 per share. He decided to wait it out and held onto ANSU for the weekend. On Monday when Mr. Thomas went to check the price he couldn’t believe his eyes, the price was now at over $1.30 per share! Feeling lucky, Mr. Thomas continued to hold on to his shares until Wednesday August 7, 2013. He cashed out at $1.70 just before market closing for a cool 5,000% profit. Mr. Thomas turned $200 into $18,300!

Now let’s say you made a $200 investment at $.02 per share, which many of our members did.

That $200 trade would have made you $18,300 if you sold your shares at $1.83. If you were feeling less risky and sold your shares at $1.00 you still would have made $9,800 in profit after subtracting the original $200 investment.

These are life changing profits that are made in just one trade!

We received letters from members who were able to pay off their their mortgage, buy a car, and even buy a house on this one pick alone.

Others used their profits towards paying off serious debt such as student loans, children’s college tuition, and medical bills.

ANSU was no fluke and as you can see from the examples provided below ISP has several huge winners already under its belt.

Our Guarantee To You

The Insiders have proven results that our system works. We’ve seen how many people have truly been impacted by our simple, easy to follow texts. As The Insiders, we can fully guarantee three important details of our system.

  1. You will receive all of your Insider text alerts in REALTIME, about companies ready to EXPLODE that day.
  2. The Insiders system has the HIGHEST SUCCESS RATE in the industry.
  3. We take care of EVERYTHING, there’s no complicated systems for you to learn.

Why Microcap Stock/PennyStocks?

Like we said earlier, diving into daytrading can be a dangerous move. Especially with high priced stocks on the NASDAQ and NYSE. One wrong pick can be quite detrimental to your portfolio and future. Why take the risk when The Insiders can show you the best picks at the lowest costs?

Get on THE INSIDE and forget about the risk.

Stock Gain Examples Below:


Lot78, Inc. (LOTE) was trading at $0.80 in March and rocketed to $2.33 in April for a 191.3% gain. It didn’t stop there though, it continued to $25.00 by the end of May for a total return of 3025%!


Deltathree, Inc. (DDDC) closed trading at $0.018 on 7/11/2013. It continued to jumped to a close of $0.069 on 7/12/2013 for a gain of 283.3%. But it didn’t stop there, DDDC continued to climb up to a close of $0.17 on 7/15/2013 for a total gain of 844.4% in just two trading days!


Livewire Ergogenics, Inc. (LVVV) was another massive winner. This stock surged a massive 440% over just five trading days. It began its rally at 0.05 and nearly doubled over the next few trading days before really lifting off and exploding over 73% in just one day.


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This amazing offer won’t be available forever! Not only will you receive realtime notifications on stocks about to explode, but right now you’ll also get a complimentary copy of our “Insider Stock Provider Ultimate Penny Stock Guide.” These two products alone usually retail for at least $250 but you can join today for only $99! What are you waiting for? Don’t you want to be able to actually grow your savings?

We want you to benefit just as we did. It’s up to you to take the next step.